The Programmatic Advertising Dictionary: Types of Targeting

Since Programmatic Media Buying has entered the digital world, advertisements have been well thought and targeted to attract your attention. Usually, a well-defined targeting is an essential element of a programmatic advertising strategy to stay precise and relevant. When it comes to targeting niche markets, it is important that the audience is reached with precision. To assist this, programmatic advertising has evolved over time to help advertisers get closer to the consumer needs to the maximum, today allowing us to target geographically, contextually and across devices. 

The World Is All About Chatbots

The future is not near, it is already here when it comes to the new talk of technological town, the ChatBots. Yes, a conversant, chatter robot specifically designed to have a communication with you and answer your queries in the most lifelike manner as possible. With all the big companies acquiring the trend, the future of Chatbots have never been more bright. FacebookAmazon AlexaApple Siri, Kik, you name it! 

The Secret Behind Reaching Maximum Results With Your Hyperlocal Advertising Campaign

More than ever today advertisers need to demonstrate understanding and relevance with the particular interests of their target consumers. In our previous article we introduced hyperlocal advertising as a powerful way to create a truly stand-out campaign. Through hyperlocal advertising advertisers can tailor their message to connect with very specific audience target groups based on their location. This location can be as specific as the neighborhood they live in, their street, or even their zip code. 

So how do you make sure that your hyperlocal campaign is bringing the best results? 

Most Interesting Countries for Programmatic Media Buying - part 1

Wondering in which countries to look for programmatic buying? Are you looking in Europe? We have packed some information on Europe its developments to help you along your way.

According to Magna Global global ad sales are expecting an increase of around 4.3% this year and programmatic spend took 42% of all display related sales with a size of 21 billion euro. This year it is expected to take an even higher margin. In this article we will take a closer look at developments in Europe. 

Email Retargeting And Programmatic Advertising Are About To Collide

As a marketers and media buyer you need to make the most of every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

You need to be able to offer a customer experience that can build brands and increase conversions. This is not an easy task. To do this you also need to be able to utilize data from each customer touch point, putting that together to precisely target individual customers with personalized messages. 

2016’s First Adtech Meetup: Adtech Meets Fintech

Have you been craving for Adtech these holidays? Are you an adtech passionate or are you a marketer that would like to learn about its benefits? Would you like to learn how adtech and fintech can leverage each other? Your moment is finally here! Today is our first Adtech Meetup London of 2016: ‘Adtech Meets Fintech’.

Today we have put a great program together. While enjoying a drink our speakers will give you their latest insights.

Planning Your Programmatic Advertising Campaign for Christmas

If you’ve just finished your advertising campaigns for the last weekend of November - congratulations! You have successfully passed a huge milestone in your advertising calendar. Now you can sit back, relax for a moment …. and then focus on what’s truly ahead of you. The holiday season is now upon us and after the November warm-up, advertisers are in the crucial time frame when they have to decide how to plan their Christmas promotional campaigns. 

To make this task easier for you, we selected 5 great tips that you can use when preparing your Christmas strategy: 

November Recap: How Does The Combination of Real-Time Optimization, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Help Advertisers Be More Effective for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The combination of Real-Time Optimization, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data helps advertisers execute a well-informed advertising campaign that is flexible, highly relevant and able to engage with their consumer at any touch point of their path to purchase. In the hectic days prior and during the last weekend of November such ability is the powerful touch that makes an advertising message stand out from the others. 

3 Tips To Use Real-Time Optimization For Your Black Friday Advertising Campaign

Yesterday we talked about the importance of advertising in the right moment. We shed more light on how Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Optimization enables you to capture the movement of your consumer’s path to purchase and helps you connect with them at all influential touchpoints. 

Today we’ll put this into more perspective. Here are 3 simple and amazing tips how you can apply Real-Time Optimization in your Black Friday advertising strategy to win your consumer’s attention. 

Do You Have a Mobile Advertising Strategy? You Should.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost round the corner, the race for winning consumers attention is getting fiercer than ever. One way to ensure your success is by not missing out on all your options to connect with your target audiences. So if you’re an advertiser looking for ways to strengthen your advertising strategies, make sure to include mobile in your equation. 

How to Use Big Data More Effectively?

In our last couple of articles we got you closer to the top marketing and advertising trends discussed at Web Summit this year. (you can also read: “3 Big Marketing Trends from Web Summit”)

Yesterday we focused on emails and the new wave of technologies allowing marketers to connect their email and advertising campaigns (to learn the full article “Email is Not Dead” follow the link here). Now it's turn to Big Data and what is the key towards unlocking its potential.