Why the World is Falling in Love with Programmatic Advertising?

It wasn’t love from first sight. It was a bumpy road towards recognition and there were few obstacles to overcome - such as the widespread notion that programmatic is only for remnant inventory, which is absolutely no longer the case. Even so, it took less time than expected for the advertising industry to fall in love with the programmatic advertising. As we have already stated before we have come to the day where we can say that the programmatic market is booming and not provoke any surprised reactions with such statement.

Programmatic media buying is now increasingly adopted across the industry by both advertisers and publishers. Business Insider recently reported that more than four-fifths of agencies and brands are already using programmatic buying to display ads, while “even greater portion of publishers are pursuing programmatic channels as part of their sales strategies” (full report here).

To put this in perspective, here are just a few key points as to what drives the love:


More Information

Programmatic technologies transform the way we gather intelligence. With solutions such as the Data Management Platform, advertisers can get a comprehensive view on their audiences - a large perspective as to the dynamics of their groups of targets, and then dig on a granular level into their particular consumer’s interests, preferences and purchase behaviour. Programmatic technologies allow the better market understanding as well as the more informed knowledge of the consumers. With more information at hand, advertisers can now build more relevant and engaging messages to display at the particular touchpoint that will bring them tangible results.


The Famous Targeting

Remember the old days when you were planning campaigns based on assumptions who might see the ad? Those days are gone. Programmatic media buying brought the strongest weapon of all - targeting. And not just a simple targeting but selective and refined to the very last bit. Target particular age group, particular place, particular types - mothers, students, doctors - this is only the beginning. With this type of technology you can go as specific as targeting people who like wildlife and have 2 bathrooms in their house.


Reduced Cost and Better ROI

Let’s take a recent example. In a published by eMarketer survey on what are the benefits of running programmatic brand advertising 58% of the asked UK and US senior marketers said reduced overall advertising cost and 52% pointed at higher ROI among the top 5 benefits. The number one was increased efficiency winning 64% of the votes. The answer is simple: when you know who, when and with what to target than profitability and effectivity of the advertising campaign is brought to another level.