Why Mathematical Research is Fundamental for Digital Advertising?

So far, we have seen tremendous success on the AdTech scene with advertisers and publishers increasingly adopting programmatic media buying. Latest survey by IAB Europe shows that over 90% of the asked 1000 advertisers, agencies and publishers in Europe say they will increase their programmatic investment or revenue over the next 12 months.

To keep this rising momentum of programmatic adoption, it is important that we continue to improve the technological solutions in the market. In its core essence this means developing better and more efficient algorithms. After all it is exactly Applied Mathematics that is the integral part of the digital advertising systems. It is the very base of all programmatic solutions (you can also read Part 1 of our series "Numbers, Equations and Ads") and its algorithms are the means that help us enhance the advertising process. With their help we are able to understand consumer behavior, to determine when is the right moment to interact with the target audience and how to make our conversation with them more relevant and engaging.

For example, you have a consumer who visits your website. Every action they take, every click on every page, the searches they make and the things they interact with, transmit data signals that are all collected into a “consumer profile”. Thanks to Mathematics this collected information is then transformed into actionable insights to help you navigate your effort in accordance with the consumer preferences.

We believe that there is a lot more to explore in this manner. The field of Applied Mathematics holds infinite possibilities to help us improve programmatic technologies. The one way to formulate them into concrete solutions is by keeping on expanding our research in the field.In Skylads, we hold this believe in everything we do. Our method is based on the methodology of mathematical research - we explore the field, look for the most relevant and efficient mathematical models and we combine them into a brand new type of algorithms.

As ad technology developers the only way for us now is forward - keep on searching and keep on improving.