Why Making Data Communicate is Important for Media Traders?

The consumer purchase journey is an ongoing dialogue. To continue the good conversation you need the right map.

Let’s take for example a typical adventure story - pirates searching for a treasure. How the story unfolds is normally predictable - there is a map, cut in several pieces, and pirates search high and low to put it together. Now imagine, they had only one place to check with their map already neatly folded and waiting for them. All they have to do is unfold it, check the directions and be about their way. We wouldn’t have a story but they would’ve saved a lot of time to find the treasure.

Making data communicate is the trick to create such easy path in the digital advertising campaign managment. Data communication is more than just a nice sounding phrase. It is the treasure map neatly folded into two dimensions - it relates to making cross-platform data streams connect, and making them communicate in a more meaningful way to the media trader.

The introduction of programmatic buying in digital advertising was like seeing a new galaxy being born. In less than few years, the ad world was populated with hundreds of companies all innovating in smart advertising technologies. Before we knew it, their main users, the media traders, were geared-up with influx of applications, platforms and systems to take into account. In truth, the technology and the way is changing media buying has greater value only when it continues to improve the path to consumer engagement. The famous “the right message to the right person at the right time” is an equation leading to one simple solution - informed and quick decision-making.

Using an integrated decision-making system allows you to align all your information streams (should it be offline or online) from your different data sources into one place. The turnkey is that such system should also be able to let you analyze your campaign performance reportings and give you the right tools to act immediately on your buying strategies. Skott 360, our decision-making dashboard, was built specifically to address these needs. Skott 360 helps media traders make better use of their data and act directly on the spot to always be on time with their buying strategies.