The Best Advice For Creating Customer Experience That Matters

Consumer Data is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a necessity in today’s digital advertising world that separates leading brands from their competitors. In our previous article we talked about how Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses gain more advanced and detailed knowledge about their targeted audiences. Now we take it to the next step - putting this understanding into powerful action that brings results.

To simply engage with a consumer in this day and age is no longer enough. You need to create an impact, you need to build a memorable experience. As noted in PAC’s study: Customer Experience in the Digital Age, close to 70% of the interviewed companies “have recognized this truth, and are dealing with customer experience as a top-level priority”.

Why is customer experience important? Because digitalization changed the game. Our daily lives are marked by our constant use of the Internet. We as consumers have been spoiled with the simple and easy access the Internet gives us to thousands of opportunities. With one click we are able to find 50 different options of a product we want to buy. Brand loyalty is now a price earned with a lot of effort. And the danger to lose it is always just one click away. Consumers now expect positive experience, they anticipate to be treated with relevant ads and engaging messages. For this reason, customer experience is among the key advertising strategies in the digital age.

Targeted and personalized ads are indeed the method to gain consumers attention. Leveraging the in-depth data you’ve collected on your consumers is the ingredient that helps you tailor your offer and makes it most relevant to your target consumers preferences. However this only is not enough. Our advice to create customer experience that really matters is simple: don’t be just relevant. Be relevant now. At the moment that most matters. The perfect team for your advertising strategy combines relevancy and real time action.

Thanks to programmatic advertising technologies this is easily attainable. Campaign Optimization Engines enable advertisers to operate their digital advertising campaigns with a new level of reflectiveness. They explore the market in real time and know exactly when and with what message it will be best to engage with a certain consumer. They can spot the opportunity within the second and direct your most relevant message at the touchpoint that counts.

While everyone is talking about digital disruption as something affecting internal business models, we keep forgetting the other side of the coin - digitization is transforming consumer behavior too. For leading brands is now becoming essential to reflect this in their advertising strategies if they are aiming to be the preferred choice of their target consumers.