Technology To Empower Not To Replace

The digital disruption is already a definitive trend across all business sectors. Technology not only opens the door to new opportunities, but it gives the solutions how to explore them. In the field of advertising, as all news and reports demonstrate, the technological adoption is progressively rising. What the programmatic system of ad buying brought can be summarized in one word: advantage. Advantage for the advertisers to enhance their efforts and increase the productivity of their marketing mix, advantage for the marketers to understand the market and the consumers preferences on a more complex level, and advantage for the researchers and mathematicians to explore the scientific field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and build innovative solutions.

One of the main debates in the AdTech industry continues to be focused on what is the right balance between “human touch” and technology. In truth, it is not a matter of balance but of cooperation. The equation starts with the strategic vision of the media buyers, which guides the advertising action and here it meets the technology segment, which is created to assure the higher efficiency of the taken actions.

Technology is built to empower not to replace. In Skylads, as A.I. researches and avid mathematicians, we always strive to demonstrate this principle in our work. We examine latest practices in Machine Learning and Big Data Mining, and further develop them to build the most powerful solutions for media buyers. In the cooperation between humans and technology lies the key towards building the most effective advertising model yet.