Question For All: How to make video ads more relevant?

A very interesting article about video ads viewability caught our attention - ExchangeWire recently published What’s the Point of Video Ads If No One Can See Them? For those of you that need to get more familiar with the topic, you can read our previous article: “Viewability Explained Part 2: Video Viewability”.

What we find really interesting in this piece is the question of choice. Nowadays pre-roll advertising formats are dominating the Internet, forcing users to watch ads before they get to see the video they want to see. As a result users develop more and more techniques to avoid seeing ads. Those are not only ad blockers but opening tabs with “lightening quick reflexes” while the video is playing or muting the sound.

In the article Justin Taylor, UK MD of Teads, explains that giving the user a choice is important and he adds that ads should be made with more relevant content. We think this is the core issue - why have we lost touch with the users’ experience on the Internet (see IAB article)? Why are we showing them ads that they are not interested in and even more so - willing to avoid at all cost?

So we want to find out your opinion on the topic. How do you think advertisers can improve the relevance of their ads?

For those of you in London and interested in the topic, the AdTech Meetup London is dedicating its next meetup on Video Ads. The event will be held on 11th November, for more information follow the link here.

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