Programmatic Advertising and Personalization Make the Perfect Team for Advertisers

Advertising is no longer about selling a product. It’s about creating an experience for consumers on a whole new level. Nowadays, what we buy says something about who we are, it is our identity ticket in the face of the world. Creating that personal one-to-one experience with the customers is the must have weapon of choice for all successful brands.

The idea behind “personalization” is to specifically design ads to be relevant and appeal to each person who sees them. There are more than couple of reasons why personalization is helping businesses immensely. For one, it is creating deeper customer experience which leads to better customer loyalty. When you demonstrate to your audiences that you know what they need in a way that completely relates to their preferences, then you can be sure to be standing out among your competitors. If not for all else - consumers prefer them too. Consumers have grown used to targeted ads and now they expect them from business. Personalization gives the reason why they should click on your ad instead of the thousands of others.

So how do you achieve that? How do you create such personalized experience?

First let’s put this into perspective. The scale we go for is massive. No need to tell you that the digital advertising market is a big, big world. And it wasn’t until long ago when personalization actually was something at the back of the “to do list” of advertisers. The main approach brands used to engage with their vast audiences was to be opportunistic and deliver generic ads, hoping for the optimum result. Today this approach is not only lacking, is simply no longer needed given the fact we have solutions such as programmatic advertising technologies. The core asset of programmatic technologies is that they give the needed knowledge, flexibility and sharp relevancy to the modern-day digital advertising. They enable personalization and further empower its performance.

Programmatic technologies help businesses obtain detailed information on consumers behaviour across the digital space. Through their specific functionalities, advertisers can tap into their consumers concrete interests, preferences, and purchase habits. With such knowledge at hand, designing personalized messages is something easily done. You have established a strong connection that will lead to a new cycle of more consumer engagement. Important asset is that programmatic technologies also allow the consistent messaging across multiple channels. With each touchpoint there are number of possibilities for how to engage and programmatic personalization enables advertisers make the right decisions at the right time.

Programmatic personalization is a huge opportunity to gain competitor's advantage. It also opens the door for advertising visionaries to create the substantial and meaningful consumer experience they have been aiming for all along.