Product teaser: Skott Gateway - The Power to Speak the Same Language

With a bit of abstract thinking, you might compare the programmatic advertising ecosystem to a large galaxy, with each star representing a distinctive technology vendor. In truth, only for the last 5 years the AdTech market expanded significantly and now businesses have a variety of technological opportunities to optimize and enrich their digital advertising efforts.

Each vendor performs different service, and in a decision-making context this means advertisers need to go through each and every one of their tech partners if they want to modify something on their advertising campaigns. The risk here is that advertisers might lose valuable time and resources while trying to keep up with the market beat.

To use the so classic advertising phrase: There must be a better way.

And of course there is.

As we said, the different AdTech vendors perform different functionalities, which means that each is holding a distinctive value to the programmatic advertising process. Different players have different ways of operating, different ways of providing information and different procedures for connecting. What advertisers need in this case is a universal tool to help them engage with all players in the same way and not lose crucial time for effective decision-making.

Going back to the start-of analogy - have you noticed how in the sci-fi stories, it doesn’t matter from what end of the galaxy the characters come from, they still speak the same language? This is what Application Program Interface (the famous API) does in the digital advertising world. It seamlessly connects the technological players and makes them speak the same language. Through the power of the API, advertisers avoid the long procedure of multiple modifications and are free to make just one step in order to optimize their campaigns.

This was the main ingredient in the design process of our powerful Campaign Implementation API - Skott Gateway. Just as the name suggests, we built Skott Gateway to open the door for advertisers and help them reach all their tech partners in a seamless and effective way. In official terms, Skott Gateway speaks the same language with the different AdTech players and allows instant access to Demand-Side Platforms (such as MediaMath), AdServers, Data Management Platforms, External Data Providers, etc.

The most valuable functionality of Skott Gateway lies in its programmatic nature - instead of manual modifications, edits on campaign parameters are made programmatically. In this way, with just few lines of code, advertisers can perform complex modifications on a scale impossible before for basic human reach. The power of the API to “speak the same language” is a true advertising treasure that adds new level of reflectiveness and ease to the digital campaign management.