Product teaser: Skott 360 - The Dashboard That Makes All The Difference

Only for the last 10 years the outlook of the digital advertising industry has transformed significantly. In comparison to the woes of the advertisers from 2005, now decision-makers need to think about interacting with consumers across different channels (social media, emails, web) and multiple devices (desktop, smartphones, tablets). It is becoming increasingly more important for brand advertisers to get a clear comprehensive perspective on their advertising efforts and be able to adjust their performances with better informed decisions.

The best approach to do this is by adopting an integrated technological solution that can streamline all advertising campaigns into one platform. Ideally, such platform will be devised with specific functionalities to help advertisers seamlessly monitor and analyze their campaign performances and compare between KPI objectives.

Here is what makes all the difference. Until now the AdTech industry had many technological vendors which enabled advertisers to collect and analyze all their campaigns performance data. However, what we endeavored to accomplish in Skylads, was to architect a new generation decision-making dashboard that builds up on this notion and improves it. In the fast-paced RTB environment, the advantage is in the hands of those able to act faster. Knowing this, we built Skott 360 with the specific function to allow advertisers to react instantly to their gathered data and transform performances on the go.

To add on this, our in-house researchers developed a specific set of application within Skott 360 that give brand advertisers direct access to real-time market data feed. Its sophisticated analytical tools empower the decision-making process with better insights on the campaign performances. To draw the comparison with the Bloomberg Terminal, Skott 360 is the most relevant to its functionalities technological solution for digital advertisers operating in the RTB marketplace.