Product Teaser: - The Story Begins

There are different ways to start a story - we could begin by telling you that is exceptional. That he is the most advanced and powerful campaign optimization engine in the industry, that he excels above all others in his ability to continuously learn, adapt and evolve. That he has the special characteristic to be modified and regulated by his user and that he does not take away the control seat of the campaign management. But we decided to start his story from the very beginning.

The beginning of

The algorithm-making craft is far more creative and abstract process than some might think.... In the beginning of our there was nothing more than one bright-minded Machine Learning specialist, in our case this would be our Chief Science Officer, armed with a pen and paper. This paper is still kept in a safe place because it contains the most original work in the Adtech industry. In order to design a new type of A.I. campaign optimization engine, our CSO and his team of Mathematicians, explored the most advanced theories in Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Applied Mathematics and Big Data Analysis. In fact, this fundamental mathematical research continues to be an essential part of our development work today.

The unique part of our algorithm-making is that we further adapted the selected theories in order to device R.Skott. Remember the pen and paper? This is where they had a center role. Our team of mathematicians examined all those A.I. and mathematical theories and selected the most relevant and valuable pieces of them. After that they studied how would it best to combine them, and what parts of them can be further developed, they created the initial structure of R.Skott. The algorithms that were formulated during this complex process were put together and the most innovative and effective solution for programmatic campaign optimization in the market was created. We say algorithms because R.Skott is a powerful combination between more than one mathematical models. Together they all enable him to execute his performance with an outstanding level of efficiency.

Actually, we must tell you a secret - this post was only the beginning of the beginning. In the course of the following weeks we will unfold the story of with more backstage insights on his design-making process and performance capabilities. For now, let’s just say that our CSO and his team are finalizing the beta tests and version 1.0 of will be out and ready sooner than expected.