Mobile Advertising - Soaring Growth and What to Expect Next

Mobile advertising is becoming something more than a trend, it is turning into an essential and profitable medium for advertisers and publishers alike. Only in the last few days, the industry was buzzing with news about the rise of mobile advertising. Below we’ve selected a couple of the most important ones:

Soaring growth in global mobile advertising

It was actually today (13th, Oct) when PubMatic announced the findings from its inaugural Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) for Q3 2015 and demonstrated yet again that mobile advertising is on the steady course of success. According to the report the combination of new mobile opportunities in emerging markets, expanding mobile opportunities in mature markets and the increased number of mobile optimized websites “indicates that the rise in global mobile consumption in 2015 will drive increased revenue for publishers and advertisers across all major global regions”. To read more about the key trends driving this growth follow the link here.

Mobile Programmatic beats Programmatic Display for the first time

Mobile programmatic display ad spending is set to surpass programmatic display ad spending for the first time this year. (Note: there are two types of mobile programmatic: mobile app and mobile display. To learn more you can check our article: “Let’s Talk About Mobile Programmatic”). According to a report by eMarketer mobile programmatic display ad spending will reach 60.5% of total US programmatic display ad spending, surprising initial forecasts which planned this growth to be mostly happening in 2016.

Behind all these numbers and big words stand 3 important takeaways.

First, the obvious but essential one - mobile advertising is becoming an integral part of the marketing mix. The more opportunities and ways to connect with the audience mobile advertising brings will lead to even stronger competition in the digital ad buying field. Those who decide to stay passive and not embrace the mobile medium will risk lagging behind their competitors.

Second, in spite of the ad blocking issue mobile advertising is still producing good consumer engagement and string results. Actually, “71% of marketers are spending on mobile, with 36% of marketers allocating over 10% of their online budgets to mobile” (according to recent study by AdAge and RBC Capital Markets).

Third, cross-channel measurement is getting more and more important. Having a way to combine campaign performance reportings and consumer insights from across the different devices used is becoming a pressing need for marketers. The quest to creating an omni-channel consumer experience and having the technology to allow this could be among the hottest topics of the upcoming year.