Let’s Meet in Dublin!


It is true. The digital world is buzzing with final preparations for one of the biggest events of the year - the Web Summit in Dublin. And so are we! As the excitement starts filling the air (and the social media platforms too), we decided to share with you a quick glance at who we are and what you can expect from us at the Web Summit. Whether a fellow startup, a partner, or a new face in the field of advertising, marketing and/or programmatic technologies, we are looking forward to meeting you in Dublin!

What is Web Summit?

Just a quick recap - often described as the “best technology conference in the planet”. Web Summit is a one of the most anticipated events in the digital industry, where delegates from exciting startups and representatives of some of the biggest technology companies in the world come together to discuss ideas and insights about the future of the digital market.

So what will Skylads do at the Web Summit?

Skylads has been selected to exhibit at the Web Summit as part of the 2015 Alpha Class. The Alpha Class is a prestigious recognition in the vibrant world of tech startups. It is given to the top 50 most innovative and promising ventures in the world. We are thrilled to share this recognition with the other selectees and we are looking forward to meeting with them.

What does Skylads do?

In our hearts we are mathematicians who love building robots and exploring the world of digital advertising.

Apart from being an Advertising Technology startup we are mainly a R&D lab specializing in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We leverage our research to build next-generation software for digital advertisers and maximize the effectiveness of their programmatic media buying campaigns. Our originally developed algorithms optimize buying strategies in real time and mitigate the human-factor risk to increase campaign performances.

Who will be there from Skylads team?

This year joining the team will be none other but two of our Co-founders: Xavier Litt, our always energetic and filled with ideas Chief Executive Officer and Michel Ying, our brilliant Chief Technology Officer. They will be happy to discuss with partners, old friends and peers the innovative power of programmatic media buying and how Machine Learning technologies are transforming the advertising experience.

How to book a meeting?

Simply send us an email at contact@skylads.com. We’d love to hear more about what you do and discuss together the many opportunities of programmatic advertising technologies. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter (@skylads), Facebook and LinkedIn to be the first to learn about our road to Dublin.

Web Summit Countdown: 8 days to go