M&M Global Awards Innovative Companies for Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic buying continues to impress with its massive growth - latest figures published by Adform (report can be downloaded here) show rise of 76% from April 2014 to April 2015 and an ad spending jump of 119%. And the main drive behind this rise? Advertisers’ trust. After experiencing its many benefits in a span of just few years, advertisers have increasingly dedicated larger portions of their budgets to Real-Time Bidding.

This trust is the result of the ongoing efforts of AdTech innovators to keep on improving the programmatic experience. Even in its young stages, advertising technology is already demonstrating significant measurable results - better budget allocations, increased ROAS, saved time and improved information on consumers are just among the few. The appreciation of the programmatic rise can be seen everywhere, not just in reports. This year the M&M Global included a new category in its 2015 Grand Prix Awards specifically dedicated to the best programmatic company in the market.

If you think about it just few years ago words like Artificial Intelligence Engine, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Algorithmic Trading, sounded not just like science-fiction but as something non-achievable in the near future. It was the work of AdTech companies that brought science closer to the human vision, closer to advertising possibilities. We are excited that our partners from MediaMath are among the prestigious nominees of this award. It was their continues work, alongside with the other nominees, that set the tone of the programmatic rise as we see it today. (You can also vote, like us, following the link here)

We are thrilled to be working with such company as MediaMath and to share their vision of programmatic buying. MediaMath’s Marketing Operations System is built with the purpose to empower marketers and help them bring transformative results in their campaigns. This is the approach that we as scientists in Skylads also believe should be leading principle in the AdTech industry. We are proud to be part of the growing digital landscape and we’ve developed our products on top of MediaMath’s OS to contribute to this vibrant ecosystem.

To continue to grow, we need to continuously improve. As part of the AdTech innovators, we are constantly inspired to find better ways to enhance the Real-Time Bidding experience for media buyers. This is why in the making of our technology we place simplicity and power next to each other. Skylads' scientist always aim to develop advanced easy-to-use products to empower media buyers and help them reach even better results.