How is September 2015 Different from September 2014 in the Programmatic Advertising World?

The “back to school” period starts today. And as much as we overuse the term, there is some interesting truth about its analogy with the school days. Do you remember how back in the days we used to do recaps on what we studied before, where we left off and where we are heading? 

In a series of new articles throughout the month of September, we will share with you insights and recommendations on what is new, what is developing and what is different from before in the programmatic advertising world.

As a start, here is a brief insight on what has changed from September 2014 to September 2015 in the programmatic advertising market.

At a glance the answer is simple - we have come to the day where we can say that the programmatic market is booming and not provoke any surprised reactions with such statement. Programmatic media buying is now recognized by advertisers as profitable advertising strategy and increasingly adopted across the industry. To take few steps even further back, prior to 2014 programmatic buying was considered a remnant-inventory-only possibility, with unstable potential for growth. A survey conducted by DoubleClick in 2014 showed the change in opinions, with “41.6% of surveyed advertisers (including marketers and agencies) indicated that programmatic is top of mind when designing a media plan”.

This year was the true benchmark for programmatic adoption. As early as the end of Q1 2015, reports and surveys professed the power of programmatic media buying on a global level. Building on their last year findings, the recently published report by BI Intelligence on programmatic advertising, found that “the US digital-ad market will reach a programmatic "tipping-point": For the first time this year, programmatic transactions will be a majority (52%) of non-search digital-ad spend.”. (full article and link to download the report here)

In Europe the trend of increasing trust doesn’t lag behind. Latest survey by IAB Europe shows that over 90% of asked advertisers, agencies and publishers in Europe say they will increase their programmatic investment or revenue over the next 12 months.

The world is falling in love with programmatic buying. This year’s September is a bit more different from industry perspective - it sets the tone of a new type of business season, where brands can benefit from variety of AdTech advancements and new types of strategic approaches. You can find out more about them in one of the most important events on the advertising calendar - DMexco. On 16th and 17th of September, the global elite in digital advertising will meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the market.

We’re excited to join the brilliant AdTech family at DMexco and showcase our technology. If you want to learn more, come and meet us! To book an interview you can contact Xavier Litt at