How Advertisers Can Enhance Their Programmatic Media Trading?

In their recent report “‘The Programmatic Path to Profit for Publishers’, the Boston Consulting Group, BCG, (report can be dowloaded here) examines the great opportunities that programmatic buying has at bay for publishers and what actions they need to take to get closer to them. Namely, the report identifies four key areas for publishers to work on improving if they are to further their programmatic media trading: staffing, technology, trading models, and implementing a coherent cross-channel strategy.  

Going through the pages of the report, it all sounded a bit too familiar. It was inevitable not to notice that the same woes applying to the sell-side in the Real-tIme Bidding (RTB) market find reflection on the buy-side. Advertisers face the same vast opportunities programmatic buying offers and they can fully exploit them only when a similar strategic approach is undertaken. Media traders, in particular, are the ones to gain specific benefit from this 4-steps-road to programmatic success.

Let’s start with “staffing” - in the days of the traditional trading, media background alone was enough of a shining star. With the rise of the programmatic buying, however, came the increasing need of technological savvy personnel. Instead of “replacing”, trading desks should focus on empowering their media buyers and improving their knowledge of the RTB technology. At Skylads we place significant focus on this notion. That’s why our way to bring the world of programmatic buying only begins with sharing insights and guidelines on the practices in the market. We understand the need of media buyers to have a reliable source of knowledge and so we have dedicated specific part of our work on training and consulting our clients on how best to use our products. Embracing technology comes as a natural step when there is clear understanding of its many virtues.

In this sense, the “technology” is the next in line important concept. For a media trader to have the right tools at hand is vital. Choosing the right set of applications is a priority number one when they have to transform the advertisers’ goals into reality. The right technological strategy is what gives the competitive advantage in the market. When this is combined with unified approach to implement the strategy, the media trader is able to achieve even better results with their entrusted campaigns.

The integrated technological solution also helps media traders to adapt faster to the changing dynamics of the market. Time is precious but is not a luxury. Having a cross-platform SaaS that collects performance data, transforms it into actionable insights and let’s you act directly on the spot is the turnkey to helping media traders make better use of their time and resources. With this in mind, our scientists architected the most advanced decision-making dashboard in the digital realm - Skott 360 - which lets media buyers have direct access to all their data sources and make better sense of their collected information. Skott 360 allows traders to implement their decisions instantly and master the time of their campaign management.

With a variety of trading models, media traders need a technological solution which helps them better determine the best combination of campaign parameters to achieve their set goals. Artificial Intelligence Engines deliver unmatched to human capabilities accuracy and fast effectiveness. Center point in their development should always be the need of the media trader of trustable co-pilot, not of complete substitute. Only then the relationship between technological advances and human practices will be able to achieve greater results. At Skylads, we always put the needs of media traders in the heart of what we do. Our powerful campaign optimization engine,, leverages on the best theories in Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Statistics to help media traders explore better their opportunities and drive higher performance results. The most important aspect is that we have developed R.Skott with the specific purpose to be of service to the media buyers and his activation is entirely up to them.

The RTB marketplace is an interlinked environment where the effects of one has resounding affect on all. Advertisers, media traders and publishers share the same aspirations when it comes to digital advertising. The important thing is that programmatic as part of this process creates substantial value - value for the customers and value for the players in the buying transactions. We keep saying that technology is still in its early days. Maybe the time has come to take a step further and start saying that technology is in its right days, it is up to us to arise to its massive opportunities.