Do You Have a Mobile Advertising Strategy? You Should.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost round the corner, the race for winning consumers attention is getting fiercer than ever. One way to ensure your success is by not missing out on all your options to connect with your target audiences. So if you’re an advertiser looking for ways to strengthen your advertising strategies, make sure to include mobile in your equation.

Why? Because our world is turning more mobile than ever. Right now there are nearly 2.6 billion smartphone users globally, and the forecasts are this number is to rise to 6.1 billion in 2020 (read the full TechCrunch article here). And there is no need to point out that we are all almost inseparable with our smartphones and tablets.

In advertising perspective this means you have an immense new platform to advertise, which can only bring you new opportunities and more chances to create valuable connections with your users.

The most valuable thing about mobile is that it connects you to your audiences wherever they are and in whatever situation they might be in the moment.

For example, you have a website selling tickets for theatre and musical shows in some of the big cities in Europe. Let’s say that there is a group of friends walking the streets of Covent Garden in London, who decided to check what musicals are on tonight. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to engage with them and advertise your offer.

There are three things you need to do to win their interest: you must react in real time, you must take into account their search and you need to consider their location (you don’t want to show them an ad about a theatre show in Madrid that is happening the next day).

Mobile programmatic advertising, just like its programmatic display advertising brother, enables you to target your offering and advertise the right message, to your right audiences at the right time. Going back to our example, with mobile programmatic you will be able to show to that group of friends your offer for tonight’s top musical show in London, that would be most relevant to their liking, location and buying preference.

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