Cyber Monday So Far

Аfter weeks of predictions and frantic preparations Cyber Monday finally came. In the days to follow we’ll dig in the mountains of feedback and statistics but for now one thing can be said for certain - online shopping is the absolute new king.

Here are some interesting facts and insights we gathered for you:

Cyber Monday sales in UK alone are predicted to be around £943m, up with 31% from 2014. In fact, online shopping stole the show during Black Friday too, with the majority of consumers preferring the comfort of their own home instead of the crowded stores and midnight openings. (read more here).

The shift to online shopping only underlines the growing importance of linking online and offline data. For advertisers it’ll be essential to find better ways to connect and examine all their available information on consumers and purchases in order to be more effective in their campaigns. (read more about data-driven advertising here)

Cyber Monday saw less website crashes this year. Although Target and PayPal’s websites were down for a brief amount of time, most experts claimed that the massive traffic didn’t cause serious disturbances. “Website crashes were far less [frequent] this year, which we believe is owed to retailers increasing the capacity of their IT platforms.”, said Christodoulos Chaviaras, analyst at Barclays quoted in The Guardian. You can read the full article here.

Work is for shopping on Cyber Monday. According to a survey by RetailMeNot “95 percent of employed consumers plan to shop online while at work this year, up from 85 percent last year.” This gives interesting insight into the consumer’s behaviour and how advertisers need to adapt to it. For the majority of advertisers Cyber Monday up until now was mainly about being quick to connect with their target consumers.

Now speed is no longer enough, and that can be applied to all other days in fact, not just Cyber Monday. As Matthew Shay, the US National Retail Federation president and CEO was quoted saying: "Unlike ten years ago, we live in a world in which you can shop anywhere at any time,"... "It's no longer about one day, but a season of digital deals." And these sessions now require specific messages, tailored to the interests and relevant actions of the consumers. Programmatic media buying is the solution that enables advertisers to stay agile and improve the relevancy of their messages. If you’re curious to find out more, you can read our “Short Guide to Programmatic Media Buying”.