Cyber Monday Sales Expected to Reach $3 billion

Cyber Monday sales are expected to reach $3 billion this year says e-Marketer. Citing a recent study by Adobe, the article outlines key forecasts for the upcoming weekend of shopping frenzy:

  • 12% growth for Cyber Monday, making it the leader in US digital holiday retail sales ahead of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
  • Thanksgiving will see the fastest-growing digital sales of any day that weekend. In figures: Adobe predicts 18% growth, which will bring Thanksgiving digital retail sales in the US to $1.6 billion.

You can read the full article here.

These predictions demonstrate the growing power of digital advertising. In the upcoming days it will be essential for advertisers to have a well-planned and efficiently executed digital advertising strategy.

With its powerful audience targeting capabilities and real time engagement, programmatic advertising will help advertisers build a strong performing advertising campaign and achieve their goals.

In our next article you’ll learn more about programmatic advertising, what channels you should focus on when advertising for Cyber Monday and which are the important steps that will lead you to your desired audience.

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