Real-Time Optimization. The “Better, Faster, Stronger” tactic in Digital Advertising

Time is not irrelevant

From the upload of a creative to the moment you bid on your precisely targeted audience, timely relevance is what matters. In the dynamic frame of the digital market, the ones being more responsive are the ones who win the game. If advertisers aim for substantial campaign performance improvements, they need to include Real-Time Optimization in their programmatic buying strategies.

Real-Time Optimization is the crucial component in programmatic campaign management that allows advertisers to refine targeting and buying strategies to achieve stronger performance. In the world of Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Real-Time Optimization is the silver lining between “good results” and “outstanding performance”.

This is not at all boastful. The automated systems which provide Real-Time Optimization involve Artificial Intelligence and massive amount of data processing to configure the most agile tactic for bidding. An advertising campaign is a living thing which requires constant attention. Real-Time Optimization allows the much needed ongoing evaluation of the consumer data, the market behaviour and the bidding metrics to empower the campaign progress. Without it, the momentum of evolving is lost and it all comes down to a static pace.

This is why we have Science

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engines was the game-changing response of the AdTech industry. AI engines seamlessly automate the Real-Time Optimization process, making it possible for media buyers to react in real time to the tiniest changes of a campaign performance. Making informative decisions in a manner of swift seconds is the core function of AI engines. They help media buyers unravel the path to conversion and chose on the correct person to target, the most appropriate price of the bid and the most relevant time to place the offer with precision and speed far outreaching human capabilities. To go back to the title (Daft Punk-inspired for a reason) - being better, faster, stronger is the breakdown of efficiency, and automated technologies help media buyers master that.

Up until now, this was the place where the fine line between technology and people was drawn. The process of real-time optimization had the stakes of “fully automated or nothing”. As we in Skylads continue to state, science is about bridging human visions with technological capabilities, not replacing one with the other. Science is all about simplifying. In our Real-Time Optimization engine,, we harnessed the very essence of our scientific vision. We built him to be the most powerful assistant to media buyers and to act with outstanding precision when needed. Leveraging on our scientists’ expertise in Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Applied Mathematics, R.Skott is able to empower performances by reacting to the market in real-time and instantly configure the optimal mix of buying parameters. We designed R.Skott to not just transform the process of campaign management, but to help advertisers become leaders in the programmatic buying market.