Arming Up for the Winter Season: The Audience-Centric Approach

If you remember, last month we briefly touched on some of the industry buzz words that we keep hearing about - audience-centric approach, multi-channel and omni-channel strategies and data-driven advertising (here is the article to refresh the memory “What Does It All Mean? Top 3 of Some Industry Buzzwords”).

Now, since it’s the beginning of the season, we decided to expand a bit more on these “star” terms and help you, as advertisers, marketers, decision-makers and AdTech interested people, find out why they are getting all the attention.

Let’s start with the audience-centric approach.

Winter is coming. What is more Christmas is coming, and soon enough the battle for consumers’ attention will prevail over the digital space. Regardless of the industry and the market sector, the driving question behind any advertising strategy has always been one - “What will make my target consumer interested?”. It is true that we already have audience marketing and systems to track and analyse customer’s preferences. However, the difference today is that programmatic technologies take this process to the next level. First we start with data. Thanks to programmatic technologies the mighty task to access and manipulate the influx of online information is made an easily attainable goal. Solutions such as the Data Management Platforms help advertisers transform the billions of data points streaming from the digital space into concrete metrics - purchase patterns, preferences, demographics, past behaviour, etc.

Then we take it to the next step: knowing your consumers’ taste and interests is the key ingredient to make a truly relevant and profitable advertising campaign. And this is what the audience (also known as consumer-) -centric approach is all about - channeling your gained consumer knowledge into specific actions that you know respond to their interests. This is how you get the answers to the always pressing questions: what ad, where to show it, when to buy it? The reason why the approach is getting all the buzz is because: one - it helps advertisers build meaningful dialogue with their audiences; and two - now advertisers have the means to make the most out of this relationship.

It is no wonder then that one of the world’s leading digital marketing events - dmexco (16-17.09.2015) - has dedicated large portion of its activities on the topic of audience data and its effective use for businesses. The advertising world is on the steady course towards technological progress. And this proves to be development beneficial for both businesses and consumers.