3 Tips To Use Real-Time Optimization For Your Black Friday Advertising Campaign

Yesterday we talked about the importance of advertising in the right moment. We shed more light on how Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Optimization enables you to capture the movement of your consumer’s path to purchase and helps you connect with them at all influential touchpoints.

Today we’ll put this into more perspective. Here are 3 simple and amazing tips how you can apply Real-Time Optimization in your Black Friday advertising strategy to win your consumer’s attention.

Tip 1: You can adjust your budget throughout the day

As we’ve said before - be more flexible with your bid strategies. Set your bids to be more dynamic, to buy cheaper when there is no rush hour and to be more aggressive when there is more traffic. And of course have in mind the time difference for the different countries. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Campaign Optimization Engines are a true game changer here. Their 24/7 market presence makes them your eyes and ears at any time of the day, at any place around the globe. Their Machine Learning algorithms evaluate the market flow and can adjust your buying strategies to respond to the demand in real time.

Tip 2: Adjust spending per location

Apart from time difference, there is also the geolocation factor you need to consider. Each country, each city and province has its own particular characteristics. Make sure to tailor your campaigns to be relevant to them. People in London will be interested in some type of promotions that those in Sidney might ignore. Winter sale on coats and boots? Sounds great but not when the weather is around 30 °C.

Tip 3: Adjust spending by target consumer

Define who are your target consumers and what they need. Are they early Christmas shoppers, excitement seekers, “get it all done at once” type of people, or others? Take this into account and optimize your ads to give to your consumers what they’re going to look for in you. Show your Christmas Bargain special offers to the early planners, and focus more on the convenience side to buy several things at discount at ones for those who don’t go to shopping often.

And here is an interesting insight into this year’s Black Friday - recent report by the analytics software firm SAS found that “the week before Black Friday will attract one in five Brits, making it more popular for festive shopping than the week before Christmas.” You can read the full article and learn about the other findings here.