3 Big Marketing Trends from Web Summit 2015

Web Summit 2015 was definitely the place to be this year. Our team was happy to be at the event and exhibit as part of the Alpha Class 2015 startups. One of the things we enjoyed the most was that we had the chance to attend the Marketing Summit and hear more about the leading trends in the marketing and the advertising worlds today.

Here is a quick recap of the 3 most popular topics you should know about:

Email is not dead but evolving

Email is still a powerful tool in the marketing mix. Not only that but it is fastly evolving to help marketers create more meaningful conversations with their consumers. The important thing you should know about is that latest innovations in the industry see an alignment between advertising technologies and marketing automation to help marketers track their consumers behavior better and engage with them with more relevant messages.

It’s all about the Big Data and how we make use of it

Big Data was in almost every talk. Whether it was about emails, online banner ads, marketing strategies, or business models, everyone was discussing how important it is to make good use of our data. In truth, we’re still in the early stages of understanding how to leverage on the many opportunities Big Data has to offer to us. But for most of the speakers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to be the key to resolve this challenge.

The right message to the right person at the right time

Definitely one of the most popular and passionately discussed topics at the summit was how to create better consumer experience. For everyone the solution was one - advertisers should deliver their right message to their right consumer at the right moment of engagement. If you’ve followed us before, you’ll know that this is made possible through programmatic media buying - the automated way of purchasing display ads online. For those of you who are curious to find out more, you can check our previous article: 4 Steps for Attracting Consumers’ Attention with Programmatic Buying.

Follow us next week when we’ll bring you more detailed coverage on the most popular trends ruling the industry today. In the meantime, here is our team at Web Summit saluting to all attendees, speakers and exhibitors at the event.