Email is Not Dead


Email remains a powerful tool in the marketing mix. Email campaigns might be basic weapons but no one can deny they are popular, simple and useful way to connect with your target audiences. They remain an integral part of any marketing strategy when it comes to communicating company culture, products, insights, promotions and everything else.

So here it is, email is still not dead. On the contrary, it is evolving. Marketers will be happy to discover that this tool is further developing and is opening new opportunities for them. There are already automated solutions for creating email campaigns in a faster, better and larger scale. You can now plan more complex campaigns and get better reports on your target consumers interests. Imagine now if you could link these insights into your advertising campaigns, and the reverse: use the advertising campaigns insights to improve your email campaigns. Wouldn’t that be something else? Email automation is headed exactly in this way.

Thanks to programmatic advertising technologies (to learn more about programmatic advertising click here) which utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, the connection between emails and ad campaigns is now possible. With their help you can make your emails and advertising campaigns communicate.

On one hand, this means that all information you get from your advertising efforts will be available for you to use for your email campaigns. For example, you're a travel agency and you've had several ad campaigns to promote your travel offers (each with different place and pricing). You've had a user that has clicked on an ad from one of those campaigns. Now you can use this information when preparing your newsletters and send the user an email about the type of offer he was interested in.

One the other hand, there’s the email activity data that you'll be able to channel in your advertising efforts. So next time a user opens one of your emails with a particular offer, you can use this information and engage with him again with a more relevant to his taste ad. In both cases the link is done by the machine learning algorithms we mentioned above. They use the data collected from both mediums to tailor your offer in real time and connect with your consumers with the right message.

This is the core function of programmatic advertising - helping you connect with your right person at the right moment and with the right message.

Email and ad campaigns are multistep journeys. They require you to think about the many interactions your consumer will have with your brand. By unifying them and leveraging their combined data insights, you’ll be able to build a truly consistent message for your target consumers at every touch point. This will create better consumer experience and more memorable brand interactions.

Such unified strategy can be a game-changer for your campaigns around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And the most important thing for you to have in mind is that you should always aim to create relevant and engaging messages for your consumers.