How Artificial Intelligence Helps You Advertise in the Right Moment?

Advertising in the right moment has never been more desirable.

We live in a dynamic digital world where we seamlessly switch between devices. We’ve grown used to the easiness of the Internet, checking anything and everything right at the spot at any given moment. We can now go through our emails, read the news and Google a search just on our way to work in the morning. And each of these channels is a potential influencer in our buying decisions. Our journey as consumers never ends. It is a movement that is not linear, it doesn't have a beginning and an end.

Advertisers today need to capture this movement of their audiences and be able to engage with them in real time, at the right moment that matters.

Programmatic media buying made this possible, revolutionizing the digital advertising industry. Now it’s time for the next step - taking this opportunity and building upon it. Artificial Intelligence advertising technologies are the next frontier. They give programmatic advertising campaigns a whole new scale, reach and flexibility, helping advertisers engage with their audiences with the best possible offer and with the best buying strategy.

Let’s take for example the Campaign Optimization Engines. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, these engines explore the vast realm of data - yours, the market’s and your consumers’ profiles - and continually learn from the information they’ve examined.

Based on this knowledge they can make split-second decisions to determine how to proceed with your campaign. Meaning, they can decide if the user at the other end is a good opportunity for you, with which of your offers it will be best to engage with him, what is the optimal price to bid for the spot, has the user shown previous interest to your brand, in what time of the day and in what place he is in, in what context is his search, etc.

So if you have a promotional campaign for Cyber Monday on your winter coats line, you can be sure that the engine will know how to bid to win you a chance to show your ad for men’s coats to a man living in Berlin, who has checked your website few days ago and is currently browsing to buy a new coat. All that in the right moment when he is Googling again his search on his way to work.

Another powerful feature of the optimization engines that we must mention, is that once activated, they have constant market presence. There are no office hours for them, no time differences to consider, no lunch breaks. With such advanced capability you can be sure that there will be no missed opportunities - the engine will always react when there’s a chance for engagement.

Such level of optimization tailors your in-the-right-moment interaction to give better experience to your consumers, and in the same time helps you meet your advertising budget goals.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the true future for digital advertising. And it’s time to see that it’s a future that doesn't pose a threat but that helps advertisers build stronger relationships with their consumers.

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