3 Super Tips To Optimize Your Programmatic Advertising Campaign


You’ve already read about the many benefits of programmatic advertising. You’ve heard all the success stories and now you’re excited to start a programmatic campaign of your own. You know that there are thousand of things you can do to make your performance even better but… what exactly are they? How are they going to help your campaign?

Here are 3 super tips we’ve selected for you that we know for a fact will transform your programmatic experience:

Make the most of your geo-targeting

Geo-targeting - targeting based on location - is a powerful tool in programmatic advertising to help you locate the right people for your advertising message. You might think (out of habit from the traditional online advertising) that geo-targeting is related only to naming which countries interest you. Not at all. In programmatic buying you can drill down into specifics and achieve a new level of precise targeting. You can select a country and then keep exploring further - regions, cities, even neighborhoods.

Why do it? Because each geographical location has its own particular features that should be taken into account. People in Southern France will be interested in one particular thing, those at the North will react better to a different style of ad. Think about the famous East London vs West London, Madrid vs Barcelona, etc. Now tailor your strategies to reflect the particular tastes of the people in those places and see the difference this will bring to your performance.


Use different strategies for the different times of the day

Nothing reflects better our dynamic lives than the digital space. The same way we are more busy with work during the day, or enjoy relaxing time with friends after dinner, our internet behaviour is more concentrated during a certain time period and less so during another. Put that into a wider perspective and you’ll see that the digital market is even more dynamic than you thought. There is more traffic in the different hours of the day, which in advertising terms means more competition and higher bids.

Adjusting your strategy to respond to these particularities is not only possible, it is highly advisable. Set your bid to be flexible, to buy cheaper when there is no rush hour, to be more aggressive when there is more traffic. By refining your buying strategy in this way you’ll build your campaign to be more reflective, accurate and relevant to the real-time market demand.

Take into account recency

Here we talk about retargeting - bringing back those who have showed interest in your offer. The important thing for you as advertiser is to capture their interest again, make sure you don’t lose the promising trail they’ve left. The recency - the time lap since their last visit on your website - is crucial to make your retargeting campaign produce the results you’re aiming for. Here is why - some have shown interest in your offer 2 hours ago, while some 5 days ago.

Knowing this, should you use the same strategy for both types? Our advice is - no. Again, be more flexible, now with programmatic advertising you can. Set your strategy for those with shorter recency (2 hours) to be more aggressive, more engaging, and balance out for those with longer recency - spread out your message to capture their interest again. The more refined campaign, the better the result.