The Short Guide to Real-Time Optimization


Real-Time Optimization is a crucial component for the success of any programmatic advertising campaign. And although the industry is getting more and more comfortable with the plethora of programmatic buzzwords and terms, there is still a bit of confusion when it comes to what Real-Time Optimization really is.

If you’ve ever had the same thoughts, then search no further - we’ve summed-up all you need to know about Real-Time Optimization in just few lines.

Real-Time Optimization means the ability to react in real time to the slightest change in your campaign development. Key part of the Real-Time Optimization are the A.I. Campaign Optimization robots. They help media buyers be more responsive and optimize their campaigns with precision and speed far outreaching human capabilities.

Their Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning algorithms examine massive amounts of data. They explore the digital space while your campaign is running and perform an ongoing evaluation of consumer data and real time market behaviour. This is an immensely helpful piece of information for any advertising campaign. Armed with such knowledge media buyers can determine with greater accuracy their targeting strategies and their buying bids.

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