Are You Ready For Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday this year is expected to be bigger than ever, so what can advertisers do to improve their campaigns and make the most of this shopping spree opportunity?

Focus on consumer experience.

Deliver personalized ads that correspond to the interests, location and context of each of your target consumers. Don’t waste time and cost to advertise your offers on the basis of “one to speak to all”. First decide what is your target group - early Christmas shoppers, loyalty customers, “do it all at once” type of people etc. Then take into account their specific profile and what have they been searching for recently. If you’re an e-commerce selling luxury items for men, you can choose to target women who have been searching for Christmas gifts for their partners recently with your massive discount on men luxury watches, and do that in the right moment when they are browsing for options.

The key to be relevant to the interest of your target consumers is to be able to react in real time to their intent. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Campaign Optimization Engines are used in programmatic buying to optimize the campaign in real time and help advertisers connect with their most desired audience. For example, if you’re placing a bid for an ad space, the engine can make a split-second decision if the user on the other end is likely to be interested to your offer and how to best bid for the available impression. So to use our example, the engine will know if the person is a woman, looking for gifts for men, still searching for an idea, and what price to bid in the auction.

Retarget with your Black Friday data

You can use the data you’ve collected from your Black Friday campaign to spot the consumers who already showed interest in your offers. Retarget them with new offers, while you still have the hot trail. Your consumers might be even expecting this from you. 

 To apply your data from Black Friday you’d need to examine it, analyze it and decide what information would be good for you to use. To do this effectively is impossible for the simple manual reach. The algorithms built in the A.I. campaign optimization engine are able to learn from all your past data (not only your Black Friday one) and select the most useful findings that will help your campaign. All this done in milliseconds and at a large scale - the engine performs this task for each and every one of your strategies. In this way he micromanages your entire campaign to make sure it reaches the right people and that it will deliver good results.

Don’t forget the emails

Use the data you have from your email marketing campaigns to find your customers and to personalize your ads even better. Target those who have opened your emails with more specific message to take them to the next step on the path to purchase. And engage with those who haven’t opened your email with a more enticing ad to win back their interest.

The linking between email and advertising campaigns is now possible thanks to the latest innovative wave of programmatic advertising solutions. We’re soon going to launch our new product allowing you to build an even better connection between emails and programmatic advertising. You will be able not only to feed the data from your emails to your advertising campaigns but also to do that vise versa - use the data from your advertising campaigns to improve your email marketing strategies.

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