How to Improve Your Advertising Strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


The first step when planning your advertising campaign is to identify what you want to achieve and what your type of audience is.

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are a couple of main targets you might want to consider: (1) Christmas shoppers - those who are waiting for the massive discounts heaven to buy their Christmas presents, and (2) late-Christmas shoppers - those who will not buy for Christmas now, but you still want them to remember you in December when they finally set on a shopping journey. To add to the targeting list, you also have your occasional shoppers, frequent buyers, loyal customers, brand ambassadors and so on.

Our advice: make the most of the targeting features in programmatic media buying. Create several campaigns to make sure you address all the different categories of your consumers. Most importantly - don’t miss on the chance to setup multiple strategies within one campaign. Indicate different geolocations, specify your target consumer’s interests, preferences and buying habits, set your preferred recency, etc. This will help your advertisement match with your consumer’s profile and create the interest you aim for.

Thanks to programmatic advertising technologies now there is a way to setup all your campaigns and assign to them as many different strategies as you want in a simpler, faster and no-mistakes way guaranteed. Campaign Implementation APIs, like our Skott Gateway, were created with the specific purpose to take away the workload and enable you to create multiple campaigns and strategies with just few clicks.