Why Should Advertisers Rely More on Technology?


When Roger Sterling of the industry’s favourite Mad Men proclaimed: “I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them”, a lot of CMO heads nodded in unison. The AdTech era made this job significantly easier. Programmatic advertising technologies opened a new world of opportunities for advertisers: better targeted messages to their rightful audiences, leading to increased traffic and stronger sales.

There is a reason why the ad industry is buzzing with reports and news on the rise of programmatic buying. The digital advertising as we knew it even 5 years ago is no longer the same. It is better. For advertisers to master its dynamic nature is essential to take a closer look and see what is the main engine behind its growth - technology. Thanks to its technological solutions, programmatic media buying is forever changing the way brands interact with their consumers, improving the quality and timing of their dialogue.

The number of brands adopting technology is in fact increasing too. 82% of marketers have executed digital ads programmatically in the last year. The consumer-centric approach made possible by automated systems is becoming a leading strategy for successful brands.  Thanks to cross-device advertising platforms marketers are able to connect all their systems (online and offline, meaning CRM, external, legacy, etc.) and formulate more complete profiles of their targeted audiences. With the help of technological solutions for reporting and data analytics, these profiles become actionable information and the right time for interaction is accurately set. In fact, consumers themselves are already more digitally aware than we expect. They want personalized messages and targeted attention, not generic appearances based on assumptions. These preferences open a whole new level of opportunities for businesses: retargeting, upselling and higher ratio of conversions.

The pace of technological adoption could be improved. A lot of brands are still hesitant to join in the tech wave with natural human reluctance towards innovation and technology. For this reason technological vendors need to act with understanding when developing their products. Just like advertisers placing their consumers interests in the heart of their ideas, AdTech developers should focus on helping advertisers become more aware with the benefits of programmatic technologies.

What we value the most in Skyalds is that science empowers people to become better at what they do. The core principle of all scientific endeavors is finding the simple solutions. As AdTech scientists, we believe we bring value to our clients only when we help them reach their goals in the most effective and simple way. Our products are specifically designed to be easy-to-use and to empower media buyers excel in their digital advertising efforts. We believe in the programmatic future and we always strive to take advertisers a step closer to its many opportunities. For this reason we have created specific training courses and services to help spread our knowledge and programmatic trading know-how. Sharing the programmatic world with our clients is one of the main drives behind our vision.