Euro 2016 - Is Your Advertising Strategy Ready?

With Euro 2016 starting today, all we can think of is hours and hours of entertainment, and incredible engagement potential for brands. The question is, is your online advertising strategy ready for one of the biggest events? Fair to say, the advertising pitch will be just as competitive as the football pitch this summer.


Programmatic takes the lead

There are a few main things you need to be ready for, and the prime one stays to be programmatic. Just as fixtures in football take place in real-time, the accompanying advertising should do too and that is what makes programmatic the obvious choice.

Euro 2016 is giving brands a chance to connect with their target audience across various channels and video ads remain to be on top of the list. To be as relevant as possible to your particular niche, programmatic is the strategy to adopt. ITV claims, 81% of men in the UK will be watching the Euros, so this is the time advertisers should take keen interest to aggregate the data and make one-to-one relationships with your consumers.

Through programmatic buying, brands can efficiently use audience insights to tailor their messages to the right person, at the right moment and in the right football context.

Amongst many popular types of programmatic media buying, programmatic direct may be the victory for all. Programmatic direct is a direct automated programmatic ad-buying for specific campaigns. It provides an ideal solution to achieve guaranteed efficiency of your adverts. The brands can have guaranteed advertising space to reach precise target audience in a premium environment.


Second-Screening will become your second nature

The stage is set for the football festival of Europe and people will be searching live commentary on their smartphones whilst in front of the TV, then in half-time go on Twitter and Facebook to post updates of their favourite player. This consumer behaviour is classified as Second-Screening and will be the second nature of fans throughout the period of Euros. If your audience is reacting in real-time, you do too.

Acquiring this strategy, will not let you miss out on your consumer behaviour. This is the right time to ensure your campaigns go live on main channels to connect with your target audience. It is ideal now, to harness the data and utilise it to improve your consumer experiences and be as relevant as you can be.


As football fever kicks off, the competition between the Euro sponsors kick off too. Campaign Live recently published a great article about who will be boosting most awareness during the UEFA Euro 2016, here are few of the top players:.

  • Coca Cola remains to be at the top of the list of prime sponsors offering 504 prizes of four tickets via a TV campaign
  • Carlsberg is the official beer sponsor which is rewarding unsuspecting Tube travellers in London with tickets to Euro 2016
  • BetVictor is another prime sponsor, who will give away a guaranteed £1m at the final of Euro 2016 to people who can predict the first goalscorer and the minute the player will score it