3 Interesting Tech Trends To Keep In Mind in Digital Advertising

Back in the day, when you were asked to visualise Artificial Intelligence (AI) you would name all robotic, sci-fi films you have ever come across. Though, those remain the origins of it, AI is now is an intelligent assistant to advertisers. In this new era upon us, the harmonious relationship of man and machine is conveniently adding value to everyday tasks. The technology has tried and tested language conversations between the two, establishing the exciting abilities that come with it.



Virtual reality (VR) is intriguing advertisers to try it and see how it works. In its essence it is a way of replicating the environment, real or imagined and allows an interaction with it. It can be said that virtual reality is a new way of storytelling. VR will make you feel like you are in the story and no longer be the one watching, but living. It is a highly engaging way to increase awareness and appeal to feelings.

VR can be means of brand awareness and invoking certain consumer intentions the advertiser requires. In advertising, relating to consumers is the key fundamental and this is why personalised programmatic adverts are setup. Could we say, virtual reality is the next big trend to be followed in advertising for personalised adverts? It may certainly be, as the goal remains to be consistently connect to our target consumers and VR is giving us the opportunity to do so.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers humans a capability of constant harvesting of data with highest possible accuracy in minutes when it comes to actionable data. It is making the efforts of advertisers more effective by pushing boundaries on how today’s tasks can be improved for a valuable tomorrow. AI may commonly be assumed as a replacement of humans. But in our opinion, the human brain remains to be a powerhouse of thoughts, creativity and innovation, and it is undoubtedly irreplaceable. Which is why Artificial Intelligence is an intelligent assistant in the busy lives of advertisers. It can capture your campaign goals, locations and numerous strategies and work accordingly to help you achieve your performance goals.

‘Assistance’ is an important word in the equation and such technological tools are specifically designed to extend human powers, not replace them. AI algorithms such as campaign optimisation tools, actively determine which behaviours are most valuable to exhibit for optimisation of campaigns for best results.

A recent AI trend the world is falling in love with currently, is the rise of ChatBots. A computer program here to usefully help us with our simple requests instantly and proactively. With the rise of technology, it is able to handle many of our business demands too! Read our previous article about ChatBots here.



Organisations have a lot of structured and unstructured data increasing regularly. With AI, performing as a virtual brain in the process, it allows continuous deliver right information like a virtual human brain. Improvising data-powered insights, to make meaningful decisions.

For instance, IBM Watson is a proof of AI making human lives easier with maximised productivity. Watson consistently searches and updates information. It successfully reveals patterns, builds relationships across data and provides supporting evidence. The AI algorithms here assist Watson to extract key information for the organisation to make valuable strategic decisions.

Turner Incite, an advertising sales platform, acquired the use of Watson to obtain actionable insight on analytical reports, news feeds and social media of advertisers to understand the trends. The data-driven insights assisted the uncovering of business decisions in real time, with one target consumer at a time.