The World Is All About Chatbots

The future is not near, it is already here when it comes to the new talk of technological town, the ChatBots. Yes, a conversant, chatter robot specifically designed to have a communication with you and answer your queries in the most lifelike manner as possible. With all the big companies acquiring the trend, the future of Chatbots have never been more bright. FacebookAmazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Kik, you name it! 

Why not have a personal assistant on the go who can put on your morning alarms, remind you to buy milk after a busy day or find a weather update? Or even, read your emails to you? The list goes on for the tasks done by chatbots and therefore are anticipated to be a huge game changer in the digital market. By this we mean, chatbots have efficiently been assisting the evolving relationship between man and technology. The question is really not about man vs bots, a new generation of chatbots are built to work alongside man to achieve the best of both worlds, that is higher productivity, speed and not to forget the ability to handle the unknown from man. They are instant, proactive and personal. (more on this you can read in the great article of Eric Archibald "Are Chatbots the New Computing Interface?")

This interaction therefore results in companies to invest, trust and feel safe with the use of bots right now, and in the future.

Essentially, what makes the ChatBot aspect stand out even more, is the size of the companies using it. According to Zuckerberg, 60 billion messages a day account for Facebook’s two main messaging apps, Messenger and WhatsApp. Bots are making building apps much easier and less expensive, hence foreseeing more brands leaning towards the idea should not be a dilemma. So does that mean ChatBots are the next big thing? Certainly. Today, the underlying public desire to be more efficient and accurate with online services, certainly mean chatbots are the next big thing.

Fair to say, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way with its innovations and is continuing to evolve on regular basis. The strong probability of this makes the possible use of chatbots in programmatic media buying even more fascinating. It can potentially make the entire digital advertising process more powerful than it already is. Chatbots can be means of providing natural language interfaces for advertising agencies to reduce everyday repetitive human tasks. From, choosing the right bid, demographics, precise target audience to consistent updates on the optimisation of campaign, the idea always remains to have increased efficiency and accuracy in less time which chatbots can potentially fulfill.

Bots can positively merge machine learning and comfortable communication styles. Therefore, chatbots can effectively harness the strengths of humans in programmatic media buying to discover new levels of productivity.