Email Retargeting And Programmatic Advertising Are About To Collide

As a marketer and media buyer you need to make the most of every touchpoint in the customer journey.

You need to be able to offer a customer experience that can build brands and increase conversions. This is not an easy task. To do this you also need to be able to utilize data from each customer touch point, putting that together to precisely target individual customers with personalized messages.

Two very well-known tools to create touchpoints are email and online advertising. Both used actively, but never a single product enabled email and advertising to improve each other.

You've probably heard of email retargeting. Based on a consumer’s behavior you can send someone a personalised email. What if you could use behavioral data from the email together with all your other consumer data to better target your advertisements? What if you could use the ad behavior from those adds to better target your email? Now, this could really make an impact.

At Skylads we have made this possible with our upcoming product Skott R/Email. This will allow you to really take control over your customer journey. Using Skott R/Email you’ll be able to take your email retargeting and programmatic advertising to the next level. These touchpoints have never been used to leverage each other like this and create new opportunities to build your brand and increase conversions.

Soon we’ll be bringing this out and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Keep following Skylads to hear the latest news on Skott R/Eemail and our other products.

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