The top trends/predictions in 2016 for Programmatic Advertising

2015 has been a crazy year for online advertising, seeing immense momentum for programmatic display. We are very excited about 2016 and are seeing the momentum pick up further. Without further ado: here are our 2016 predictions!

1. Moment marketing and the internet of things

More and more we’ll see the use of offline data for the targeting of ads. We’ll be better able to measure the customer journey offline as well as online. There is already a rise in global numbers as for example temperature. Sainsbury saw their BBQ sales go up with 200% due the change in temperature. Next to this broad data we’ll see the use of personal offline data to further personalise the advertising experience. The internet of things like wearables will be the catalyst to boost this trend if all this data is made available. Gartner predicts that in 2020 there will be 26 billion units in use that will together create new insights and moments to advertise to consumers.

2. Vertical trading desks

Retailers are sitting on piles of customer data. This data could allow them to very precisely target consumers with very relevant advertisements. According to Jay Stevens of GM International retailers are therefore in an ideal position to move into trading desk market. The retailers have access to data so rich that many companies would be envious.

3. Ad blockers force the creation of better ad quality

Ad blockers have been driving advertisers and the agency’s working for them insane. On the other hand it forces the creators of badly targeted unrelevant ads to improve their work and create a better user experience. It is an opportunity for advertising to improve its public image with consumers. Better collaboration between creative agencies and programmatic is key to resolving the issue. The creative agencies should be actively involved continuously, creating creative for the moment most relevant to specific audiences.

4. TV and online advertisers are moving into each other’s turf

Advertisers love online advertising due to its great targeting, trackability and automation. Because of this reason TV advertising is making its way into programmatic, trying to bring in the benefits that online programmatic advertising is offering. On their turn online advertisers want the emotional impact that videos can create. Programmatic video is lifting off and promises to keep rising in 2016.

5. Artificial intelligence is making its way into digital advertising

Artificial Intelligence will be seen more frequently in the digital advertising space. Tools like our will start making inroads. Knowledge on Artificial Intelligence like Deep Learning is not ubiquitous, but more Artificial Intelligence tools and API’s are being made openly available like Google’s Tensorflow. Companies that were hesitant at first will also start using Artificial intelligence as more of these tools become available. The programmatic advertising space will surely be one of the fastest to adopt these technologies to optimize their campaigns and create better creative.