Adtech Meetup blasted off into the new year with ‘Adtech Meets Fintech’

“Welcome at the first Adtech meetup of 2016.” said Xavier Litt to a fully packed hall. Besides being the first of the year something else was going on as well.

Two worlds meet

This wasn’t your average Adtech meetup. Adtech technical geniuses were mingling with savvy businessmen at ‘Adtech Meets Fintech’. Two seemingly opposites were finding common ground and having a laugh while sipping on their drinks. They were finding out how Adtech and Fintech can strengthen each other. After the first hour of networking it was time for the speakers to inspire us with their words.

The speakers Anil Stocker the CEO and Co-founder of MarketInvoice started off. He told how his company works for Adtech companies and how they use Adtech to grow their own company. MarketInvoice has overhauled the invoicing process. Adtech company Somo Global benefited by increasing their turnover from 6 million pounds to 15 million pounds in 4 years time. MarketingInvoice’s strategy focuses on using online ads to grow the top of the funnel, reactivating customers and building relationships.

Advertising and technology expert Jon Bradshaw came to tell us about the world of Blockchains. He sees great potential in blockchains for the Adtech industry. He sees how big financial companies are already using it to innovate. He tells that NASDAQ is using blockchain to replace almost all their technology.

Simon Bone from took us into 2016. He sees how the programmatic approach to online advertising will move into more traditional forms of advertising like billboards and tv. He had 5 predictions for 2016:

  • Fintech startups looking for funding will need to show a marketing plan.
  • Fintech startups will start collaborating to reduce costs.
  • Decimation of taxiservice by Uber will result in new branding opportunities.
  • The use of outdoor advertising will increase.
  • TV advertisement will be cheaper, programmatic and trackable.

We had a great time seeing everybody enjoying the event and we are happy with the great turnout. We thought Adtech and Fintech was a great mix and many more interesting themes will see the light of day in 2016. The start was great and we certainly can’t wait to welcome you to the next Adtech meetup. We would like to thank our sponsors MarketInvoice and 33Talent for their fantastic support, as well WeWork for hosting us. To find out more about our next event please visit

We think Simon’s predictions are interesting. What are your predictions for Adtech and Fintech for 2016?