Making Media Trader's Life Easier with Skott 360

Making the Media Trader’s life easier is the motto behind Skylads’ vision. In an advertising world booming with more and more technologies, we focus on designing better ways to help Media Traders manage their Real-Time Bidding (RTB) advertising campaigns. In the first of a series of posts to introduce our products, we bring you a first glance at the Skott 360 - our decision-making dashboard.


A trader always needs to pay attention to so many parameters, to say the least, and be quick to react on the spot when it’s needed. 

We know how valuable time is for media traders and so we built the Skott 360 to bring together campaigns monitoring, analysis and action.


The Skott 360 gives direct access to real-time market data feed and help capture the hearth beat of the market. Better metrics mean bette results. And the core value of trading decisions lies in the reflectiveness to the market flow. That’s why we built Skott 360 with the specific function to allow you to react instantly to your gathered data and transform performances on the go.

The Skott 360 is a new kind of platform, allowing Media Traders to analyse and act in the same place and in the same time to optimise their Real-Time Bidding (RTB) campaigns! With Skott 360 you become more informed, more efficient and more direct in your decision-making. 


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