Backstage Insight: Skylads Optimization Software excels in final beta test results.

Yes, the latest results in our final beta-testing revealed performance capabilities scoring higher numbers than even predicted.

We are excited to announce that after months of intense work we are closer than ever to finish our beta phase. At Skylads, we develop and build incredible products to help Trading Desks and Digital Agencies better optimise their Real-Time bidding campaigns. Automation, Optimization and Insights are the key inspiration that drives our work processes. We are happy with the results delivered by our products to our beta clients: helping them save time and be more efficient, have better results and learn more out of their campaigns is really what motivates us to continue improving our software.

This Beta Phase was really a great experience. It gave us time to fine-tune our software and allowed us to improve a lot of our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to implement new functionalities and really focus on what brings the most value to our clients.

We’re delighted by the results we’ve got and we can’t wait for the v1.0 release of our products, scheduled for September!

We’re confident that this release will disrupt the RTB market. If you want to get ahead of the curve and try Skylads’ software before the v1.0 release, contact us (, as we are willing to grant a few more spots in our private beta final tests. Be among our partners that already benefit from improved efficiency and better campaigns results and get the privilege of being part of the great Skylads adventure.