Why Should Advertisers Rely More on Technology?


When Roger Sterling of the industry’s favourite Mad Men proclaimed: “I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them”, a lot of CMO heads nodded in unison. The AdTech era made this job significantly easier. Programmatic advertising technologies opened a new world of opportunities for advertisers: better targeted messages to their rightful audiences, leading to increased traffic and stronger sales.

There is a reason why the ad industry is buzzing with reports and news on the rise of programmatic buying. The digital advertising as we knew it even 5 years ago is no longer the same. It is better. For advertisers to master its dynamic nature is essential to take a closer look and see what is the main engine behind its growth - technology. Thanks to its technological solutions, programmatic media buying is forever changing the way brands interact with their consumers, improving the quality and timing of their dialogue.

The number of brands adopting technology is in fact increasing too. 82% of marketers have executed digital ads programmatically in the last year. The consumer-centric approach made possible by automated systems is becoming a leading strategy for successful brands.  Thanks to cross-device advertising platforms marketers are able to connect all their systems (online and offline, meaning CRM, external, legacy, etc.) and formulate more complete profiles of their targeted audiences. With the help of technological solutions for reporting and data analytics, these profiles become actionable information and the right time for interaction is accurately set. In fact, consumers themselves are already more digitally aware than we expect. They want personalized messages and targeted attention, not generic appearances based on assumptions. These preferences open a whole new level of opportunities for businesses: retargeting, upselling and higher ratio of conversions.

The pace of technological adoption could be improved. A lot of brands are still hesitant to join in the tech wave with natural human reluctance towards innovation and technology. For this reason technological vendors need to act with understanding when developing their products. Just like advertisers placing their consumers interests in the heart of their ideas, AdTech developers should focus on helping advertisers become more aware with the benefits of programmatic technologies.

What we value the most in Skyalds is that science empowers people to become better at what they do. The core principle of all scientific endeavors is finding the simple solutions. As AdTech scientists, we believe we bring value to our clients only when we help them reach their goals in the most effective and simple way. Our products are specifically designed to be easy-to-use and to empower media buyers excel in their digital advertising efforts. We believe in the programmatic future and we always strive to take advertisers a step closer to its many opportunities. For this reason we have created specific training courses and services to help spread our knowledge and programmatic trading know-how. Sharing the programmatic world with our clients is one of the main drives behind our vision.


The Short Guide to APIs

In this growing age of technology, you might have come across the term “the rise of APs” but you might not be concretely aware of what it means. It is a huge trend adopted by organisations lately to bring them operational efficiency and enhance performance. For example, Salesforce reportedly generates 50 percent of its revenue through the use of an API, whilst eBay nearly 60% and to top it off, Expedia about 90%. 

3 Interesting Tech Trends To Keep In Mind in Digital Advertising

Back in the day, when you were asked to visualise Artificial Intelligence (AI) you would name all robotic, sci-fi films you have ever come across. Though, those remain the origins of it, AI is now is an intelligent assistant to advertisers. In this new era upon us, the harmonious relationship of man and machine is conveniently adding value to everyday tasks. The technology has tried and tested language conversations between the two, establishing the exciting abilities that come with it. 

Why Granularity In Campaign Setup Is Becoming More Important For Your Programmatic Advertising?

In our recent blog on Importance of Granularity, we established greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail, quite simply. Similarly in the broad world of programmatic advertising, granular campaigns can leverage advertisers to move beyond binary ad targeting. As we are aware, that programmatic advertising is accelerating greater than ever right now. This has led consumers to constantly expect the improvement of online experiences. With 85 percent of consumers preferring tailored ads depending on their personal interests, granularity of campaign set up has become even more essential.

The Programmatic Advertising Dictionary: Types of Targeting

Since Programmatic Media Buying has entered the digital world, advertisements have been well thought and targeted to attract your attention. Usually, a well-defined targeting is an essential element of a programmatic advertising strategy to stay precise and relevant. When it comes to targeting niche markets, it is important that the audience is reached with precision. To assist this, programmatic advertising has evolved over time to help advertisers get closer to the consumer needs to the maximum, today allowing us to target geographically, contextually and across devices. 

How Does Granularity Of Data Assist Your Advertising?

As a common known fact, increased amounts of data boost your chances of better understanding. In order to understand the nitty gritty details of your data and make decisions accordingly, granularity is essential. Granularity of data is the level of detail considered in a decision making process i.e. level of detail or depth in a set of data. The greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail. Granularity therefore, opens up a new world of understanding consumer profiles and to assist business decisions.

The World Is All About Chatbots

The future is not near, it is already here when it comes to the new talk of technological town, the ChatBots. Yes, a conversant, chatter robot specifically designed to have a communication with you and answer your queries in the most lifelike manner as possible. With all the big companies acquiring the trend, the future of Chatbots have never been more bright. FacebookAmazon AlexaApple Siri, Kik, you name it! 

RTB Beginners: Big Data to Knowledge

In today’s technology-savvy world, you will get to hear many buzzwords or catchphrases with deeper importance to them than one thinks. Big Data is one of the main ones when it comes to Programmatic Media Buying in the Digital Industry. According to Forbes, it is very “ginormous” and “scary”. But there is an easier way of understanding every piece of information. Let us break down the two syllables: ‘Big’ and ‘Data’. You can refer to ‘Big’ in this context as extremely large unstructured sets whilst the word ‘Data’ can quite simply depict electronic analysis of these sets. 

The Secret Behind Reaching Maximum Results With Your Hyperlocal Advertising Campaign

More than ever today advertisers need to demonstrate understanding and relevance with the particular interests of their target consumers. In our previous article we introduced hyperlocal advertising as a powerful way to create a truly stand-out campaign. Through hyperlocal advertising advertisers can tailor their message to connect with very specific audience target groups based on their location. This location can be as specific as the neighborhood they live in, their street, or even their zip code. 

So how do you make sure that your hyperlocal campaign is bringing the best results? 

Most Interesting Countries for Programmatic Media Buying - part 1

Wondering in which countries to look for programmatic buying? Are you looking in Europe? We have packed some information on Europe its developments to help you along your way.

According to Magna Global global ad sales are expecting an increase of around 4.3% this year and programmatic spend took 42% of all display related sales with a size of 21 billion euro. This year it is expected to take an even higher margin. In this article we will take a closer look at developments in Europe. 

Email Retargeting And Programmatic Advertising Are About To Collide

As a marketers and media buyer you need to make the most of every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

You need to be able to offer a customer experience that can build brands and increase conversions. This is not an easy task. To do this you also need to be able to utilize data from each customer touch point, putting that together to precisely target individual customers with personalized messages. 

2016’s First Adtech Meetup: Adtech Meets Fintech

Have you been craving for Adtech these holidays? Are you an adtech passionate or are you a marketer that would like to learn about its benefits? Would you like to learn how adtech and fintech can leverage each other? Your moment is finally here! Today is our first Adtech Meetup London of 2016: ‘Adtech Meets Fintech’.

Today we have put a great program together. While enjoying a drink our speakers will give you their latest insights.