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Free set up for your campaigns!

Like most marketers, right now you must be busy trying to allocate the remainder of annual budgets and implement seasonal campaigns, all whilst planning for the next year activity.
Q4 is the perfect time to implement and test new programmatic technologies!

If you'd like to further develop your programmatic strategy, we have good news for you !
Our team is ready to help you set up Q4 test campaign for free, using Skylads automation and optimisation tools, and advise on the best way to achieve your goals in 2018*.

(* see Conditions below)


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Set up automation and optimisation Case Study

Using Skylads, our clients have been able to automate campaign set up and boost performance, generating brand awarness and increased number of visits to their client's website.

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Skylads products

Skylads develops automation and optimisation technologies used by trading desks and advertising agencies to better streamline campaign set up and boost results.



To be entitled for the FREE Campaign setup, you must use Skylads optimization on the campaign once it's been created on the DSP MediaMath or AppNexus. Skylads will then add its standard optimization CPM fee as a characteristic of the campaign build.
Minimum budget: the FREE Campaign setup only applies to campaigns that have a higher budget than:
$10,000.00 for campaigns with a delivery optimization target.
$20,000.00 for campaigns with a CPC optimization target.
$50,000.00 for campaigns with a CPA optimization target.