Skylads for Airlines
Success Story Case Description


In the airline industry, each Origin & Destination pair, or route, is a specific Business Unit with its specific market, target audience, behavioral patterns and competitive landscape. It thus makes sense to manage them independently through different campaigns, and optimize them against each other to increase the overall performance.

Client operations:

  • 20+ countries

  • 100+ markets

  • 17,000+ Origins & Destinations (O&D)


  • Increase online plane tickets direct sales through the airline website


  • Set up granular campaigns that reflect the complexity of the client operations over 17,000+ O&Ds in a cost-effective way.

  • Optimize all campaigns in real-time in a very competitive environment to drive more ticket sales.

  • Monitor all campaigns, detect anomalies and provide actionable insights & reports on their performance.


Skylads implemented its automation, optimization & visualization products to solve the challenges of the client.

Setup Automation

  • Campaign creation for each O&D;

  • Before Skylads, the client managed their advertising campaigns by market;

  • With Skylads, advertising campaigns are much more granular and reflect the Business Organization of the client (each O&D is a separate Business Unit, and has its own advertising campaign);

  • Skylads created 17,000+ campaigns for the client in their advertising platform (DSP);

Real-time Optimization

  • Without optimization algorithms, it is humanly impossible to manage 17k campaigns;

  • Skylads implemented a custom algorithm which manages each O&D based on its contribution to online sales;

  • The budget & bidding price & frequency cap of each campaign were updated based on day of week, hour of day, geo-location, audience, device, creative format, and many other features;

  • Skylads optimized towards several goal types & KPIs such as CPA (cost per acquisition), Online Sales, ROI (Return on Investment), Visibility, Reach, Traffic Generation, On-target delivery;

  • All KPIs were improved, and most notably online sales were multiplied by 2;

  • The online website of the Airline company became the first source of income, ahead of brick-and-mortar stores, tour operators, online resellers and other partners;

  • This result was driven by real-time budget breakdown optimization across all O&Ds;

CreativeS Management

  • Creatives historically managed by internal client teams;

  • Several creatives assets generated for each O&D, leading to several dozens of thousands of creatives assets to manage;

  • Creatives were automatically imported into the advertising platforms (AdServer & DSP) and attached to the corresponding campaigns for each O&D;

  • This process was instantaneous, whereas it used to take several days of work to manage creatives assignments previously for each market;

Systems Integrations

  • Skylads integrated the client FTP, its AdServer and its DSP (Demand Side Platform);

  • Information could automatically be transferred from one system to another;

  • Skylads implemented a mapping between the O&D creatives put in the FTP by the client and the corresponding placement in the AdServer, and the corresponding campaigns in the DSP;

  • This mapping was made possible by a diligent work on naming conventions and files structures;

  • The DSP setup was mirrored from the AdServer so that placement and campaigns structures would perfectly match, leading to more fluidity in the analysis of the campaigns and their management;

  • Thus Skylads created 17k placements in the AdServer, 1 per O&D;

  • This allowed the client to visualize in real-time in its AdServer the campaigns results per O&D;

  • The optimization was performed on the basis of the AdServer figures which were the trusted metrics of the client;

  • A Custom Dashboard was developed by Skylads to help the client get insights on their campaigns data;

AgilE Management

  • Real-time optimization taking into account market events such as high-activity or low-activity windows, visibility drop, changes in profitability of a O&D, seasonality, competitors activities, promotions, etc;

  • Ability to change in real-time the campaigns setup;

  • Ability to change in real-time the creatives (e.g. launch of new O&D, pricing change, flash promotion, new graphical chart);


Online sales tickets were multiplied by 2.

Video Testimonial

Simplify and optimize your programmatic advertising campaigns | MediaMath, Royal Air Maroc, Skylads 
HUB FORUM - October 2016 - Paris, France

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