Skylads is an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics company.

Skylads is a R&D lab specializing in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We leverage on a fundamental mathematical research to build the most powerful and easy-to-use product suite for digital advertisers. Our products act as layer on top of Buying Platforms and help media buyers maximize the effectiveness of their programmatic media buying campaigns.



Skylads revolutionises the digital advertising industry by introducing artificial intelligence “as a service” in the cloud: Skott.

Skott is a framework of products heavily based on next-generation machine learning algorithms:



Skott Gateway™ connects fragmented advertising platforms by unifying them through a universal multi-purpose programmatic interface.


A.I. OPTIMIZATION ENGINE™ is an optimisation engine that increases the performance of advertising campaigns against a comprehensive list of Key Performance Indicators.


SKOTT 360:

Skott 360™ is a platform as a service (PaaS) where advertisers can build and deploy custom cloud applications cost-effectively without managing complex infrastructures.


"With Skylads, we achieved a high level of customization of our programmatic activities; it didn’t simply add coding features but enabled us to act more efficiently and at scale on optimizing our campaigns.",
Marie Le Guével, Managing Director of AMNET France.


“Right from the start we were enthusiastic about the Skylads solution, which is why we have made this unique partnership with them. The Skylads solution is a complementary and differentiating asset for programmatic buyers using our platform”,
 Damien Alzonne, Platform Solutions Director at MedaMath.